Norman Reedus, Supposedly, Warned About Brain Injury After Return To ‘The Walking Dead,’Questionsable Sources


Can Norman ReedusNever leave! The Walking Dead? According to rumors, doctors have advised him not to work again after he suffered a severe concussion. Gossip Cop investigates.

Norman Reedus ‘Walking Wounded!’

The following is an extract from the National EnquirerReedus could risk his life if he goes back to the set of The Walking Dead. According to reports, his co-stars were afraid after he suffered a concussion in March. The accident, according to a source, was not disclosed. “serious”And “shut down filming. A lot of people around the show fear he’s rushing back to work way too soon.”

These fears are well-founded, according to a doctor. According to a longevity expert, “Any severe head injury can cause significant brain damage.”Head trauma is serious business. Any clotting of damaged tissue or permanent problems could result.

Reedus may be putting his life at risk again with his passion for stunt work. A source says, “Loved ones worry if he falls or gets his head knocked, he’ll wind up with another concussion. And that could be disastrous.”The Boondock SaintsThe outlet warns star to be cautious as he progresses in his career.

Is Norman Reedus Okay To Return To ‘TWD’?

The Get in touchPeople love to read stories that point out the obvious. Yes, head injury is a serious problem. You don’t the words of some longevity expert to know that. That’s why he went to the hospital, and that’s why filming was stopped. However, there’s no way the network would have allowed him to return to work if he wasn’t cleared by doctors. Reedus has never been treated by doctors and the doctors who wrote this story are open to speculation about what the worst-case scenario might be.

As this story says, we don’t know anything about how serious the actual incident was. Reedus seems to be doing well. Reedus returned to the set just in time for the last scenes. Reedus made a heartfelt speechThank you to the cast and crew. Accidents happen, so let’s all just be happy that Reedus was well enough to say goodbye to the series of his own will.

More Worst-Case Scenarios

Fear-mongering is a popular tabloid tactic. Jennifer Lawrence was hurt on the set of Don’t Look UpThis outlet also claimed that she would be permanently disfigured. She wasn’t, and she was back at work within a matter of hours. It was revealed that Tiger Woods could have retrograde amnesia after he was involved in the career-altering accident.

Most of the damage was to Woods’ lower body, but he’s already talking about a comeback. It also reported a worried Calista Flockhart was becoming Harrison Ford’s personal safety consultant after he got hurt doing Indiana Jones. She denied doing so. Injuries cause a tabloid feeding frenzy, but it’s seldom accurate. Norman Reedus is a fine man, so this story can’t be believed.

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