North Carolina Couple Accused of Murdering an Infant.


According to local reports, a North Carolina couple has been charged with the murder of their child after it was discovered in their backyard.

According to CBS 11 (local outlet)Dustin Vandyke, 28 and Gracie Riddle 18, were charged with first degree murder in the deaths of their child. 

A family member of the couple gave a tip to local police on Friday night about an unreported murder on Moulton Spring Road, Erwin, North Carolina. According to WRAL local outlet

According to the outlet the authorities believe this person knew all about the incident and called it in. However, he is now speaking out.

“This person, and I’m sure there’s other people with knowledge of the incident through word of mouth or whatever, I think this person just finally got to a point where their conscious got to them and they decided they needed to talk about it and tell someone. And that’s how we initially got the report,”Johnson spoke to the outlet.

According to CBS 11, that night authorities obtained a warrant, interviewed several people in the area, and searched Vandyke and Riddle’s home.  

A cadaver dog was used to aid in their investigation, and the K-9s helped find the remains of the baby’s decomposed body in the couple’s backyard, According to ABC 11.

WRAL reports that authorities think the baby died at Thanksgiving 2021 as a newborn.

“Anytime you’re dealing with a death or homicide, it’s sad for everyone involved,”Jonathan Johnson, Chief of Police at Erwin, stated to CBS 11. 

According to the outlet at large, the sex of baby is known right now and death appears to be natural.

“You just never know what somebody is going through or why somebody would do the things they do. You just have to be vigilant and report anything suspicious.”

WTDV spoke to a neighbor and stated that “where the child was buried there was a lawnmower that sat there for quite some time.” It was a good lawn mower, but it didn’t move. It was just sitting there. It was sitting there. Now the lawn mower moved in the last month, so now this child is uncovered.” 

According to the outlet Vandyke and Riddle visited a judge on Monday. They will be appointed public defenders and will appear in court again on September 6.

Local reports claim that officials are still waiting for autopsy results to determine the official cause of death.

Johnson claims that it is an isolated incident, and there is no danger for the public.

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