North Carolina Man Returns Home after Being Absent for 2 Weeks. He claims he was looking for his phone


According to authorities, a North Carolina man who was reported missing two weeks back returned home Saturday. He claimed he had been searching the woods for his phone.

Police said that Dale Wheeler (56), an IT specialist from Morrisville, was reported missing after crashing his car. The keys to his car were still in the ignition, and the vehicle contained a little blood.

Police said that it appeared like Wheeler had damaged the windshield with his head.

Wheeler was never found by his family, friends or rescue crews. He was only four miles from his condo when the accident occurred.

Then came Saturday, when Wheeler emailed his brother about 10 p.m., saying he had lost his phone and needed help. 

Morrisville police conducted a welfare check on Wheeler Sunday morning. The man was “alert, conscious and did not appear to have any life-threatening injuries,” the department said in a statement.

Authorities said that he was taken to a local hospital for a thorough medical evaluation.

Nicole Anderson, Wheeler’s niece tweeted Sunday that her uncle was found.

Police stated that they are still investigating Wheeler’s disappearance and will examine Wheeler’s bank records to determine his location in the two weeks that he was gone.

Authorities did not provide additional details. 

Wheeler said that he searched for his phone while in the woods, and that he was going to find it soon. Authorities were not surprised by this statement.