North Carolina Mother Dies after Her Arm Gets Caught in Restaurant Bread Machine


North Carolina mother, who was trapped in a bakery bread machine, lost her life. Her family and community were devastated.

Authorities said Virginia Lopez, 44 years old, was cleaning out the machine when her arm became stuck. The first responders took 90 minutes to remove the machine from the Azteca market in Selma and then freed her. 

Phillip McDaniel Fire Chief was required to use small tools in order to complete the job. “tedious rescue”She was able to move her arm, which had been badly injured. 

After she was released from the device, which was running when she became trapped, she was airlifted to Duke University Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery to try to save her arm. Her injuries caused her death Tuesday.

Miriam Amado Lopez posted a tribute to the mother’s heartbreak on Facebook.

“My mom is the best mother a girl could have. She taught me resilience, the importance of hard work, and she showed me what true love felt like,”The daughter wrote.

“From a young age my mom did not have the easiest life. She started working at a young age to help support her family and eventually decided to travel hundreds of thousands of miles to try to give her family a better chance at a good life,” Amado-Lopez wrote. 

“She was our backbone,”The daughter agreed.

A GoFundMeTo help with funeral expenses, a bank account was established.

“She was a very loved person by the community,”Gerardo Rodrigo, the fundraiser’s coordinator, wrote this.


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