North Korea constructs 1,000 homes to make the holy site a’modern socialist community’


According to an old saying, ” “who lives in a house like this?”

If these 1000 stunning new homes hadn’t been built by North Korea’s dictator, it’s possible we’d all love to live in them.

The North Korean leadership has just finished building the swanky new homes in the northwestern city of Samjiyon – just on the border with China – According to the state media, this week.

This project was part of a large development program that took place in the birthplace Kim Jong-un, later to be known as Kim Jon-il.

According to the official North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the development of the city was one of the key projects undertaken by the supreme leader since replacing his father in 2011.

Around 1,000 new homes have been built in the birth place of Kim Jong-il's late father
Houses of the korean central media agency

It is considered holy and the homes are expected to return. “the holy place of the revolution into the modern socialist villages good to live in”.

Although absolutely no details of the interior of the homes, or the price, has been released, from the outside they appear to be large bungalows with little farm plots outside – similar to what you would find in the heartlands of America.

It was supposed to be completed by 2020 in time for the 75 ThAn anniversary of the founding of the Workers Party of Korea, but it didn’t happen.

The entire development is expected to open within the next few weeks, making it one of the most desirable areas in the area. “wealthiest”In the country

The project follows on from the failed construction of the Kwangchon Chicken Farm – a large-scale poultry farm near the capital of Pyongyang.

A dapper-looking Kim Jong-un wants to pay tribute to his late-father with the new estate
Kim Jong Un, an elegant-looking Kim Jong Un, wishes to pay tribute to his late father by creating a new estate

Development started on the site in May 2019, and it was meant to open within 18 months – however, this didn’t happen.

According to 38north.orgThe farm is set to produce “thousands of tons of delicious and quality meat, and tens of millions of tasty and quality eggs every year”.

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