Oklahoma Man Claims to Have Killed Fishing Partner. Police Say Victim Summoned Bigfoot To Eat Him.


Oklahoma man claimed he killed his fishing buddy and friend, and that he did it because Bigfoot wanted to eat him. Authorities said that he was innocent.

He “appeared to be under the influence of something” when questioned by detectives, said Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian.

Larry Sanders, 53, has been charged with first-degree murder for the killing of Jimmy Knighten during a fishing expedition over the weekend, Christian said.

“So, his statement was that Mr. Knighten had summoned ‘Bigfoot’ to come and kill him, and that’s why he had to kill Mr. Knighten,”Christian said this to local reporters.

According to online records Sanders is being held without bail in anticipation of a July 26th court appearance.

Investigators were also told by the suspect that “people’”He and his friend were being watched. “had set him up,” Christian said.

Deputies were told by Sanders that Knighten had been strangled to death during a fight at the Canadian River. Authorities claimed that they were “noodling”, which is catfish hunting using bare hands.

According to authorities, the suspect allegedly told deputies how to find Knighten’s body. He had it hidden by the side a road, authorities stated.