Oliver Hudson’s Parents Are Big Fans of The Cleaning Lady


In season two, however, Hudson’s character grapples with a different kind of struggle. This time around, we dive into Garrett’s backstory: He previously had an affair with his informant (played by Chelsea Frei), who has now gotten involved with a drug dealer. Now, Garrett must save her from a situation that he blames himself for. 

And although Garrett is purely focused on the mission, there might be an opportunity for the two to rekindle their romance along the way.

“As the chemistry progressed with Chelsea and I, it felt like there could still be something there,” Hudson revealed. “Our last scene that we had together—last thing was shot together—there was a kiss. It was supposed to be just sort of—not friendly, but it was more of like, ‘I still care about you, in a way.’ And that was pretty fiery. I was like, ‘Oh, well, there is still something there.'”

Watch the relationship blossom for yourself when season two of The Cleaning Lady premieres Sept. 19 on Fox.

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