Olivia Munn shared a photo of herself and her son Malcom’s mid-hair treatment


Olivia has been open about her postpartum struggles since the birth of Malcolm.

“Breastfeeding is soooo hard, especially if you have low supply,”She posted the video on Jan. 19 to her Instagram Story. “8 weeks in and I’ve taken a million vitamins, countless teas, lozenges, tinctures and worked with two lactation consultants. Breastfeeding. Is. Hard.” 

However, she has been enjoying motherhood and calling her baby girl. “the smooshiest smoosh”On her Instagram Story, she shared cute videos of him making cooing and relaxing in a green and white striped onesie.

John and Olivia shared a sweet photo of Malcolm on Christmas Eve, introducing him to the world. “Meet Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney,” John Submitted. “He has his whole life ahead of him. He hasn’t even tried seltzer yet. I’m very in love with him and his whole deal. Happy Holidays.”

“My Golden Ox baby,” Olivia AdditionalShe refers to her son’s Chinese Zodiac animals. “Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney. Happy Holidays.”