Olivia Wilde was obsessed with this controversial early ’00s trend


The early aughts were a difficult time for every celebrity style-wise, and many of today’s A-listers like Olivia Wilde couldn’t help but follow the decade’s worst trends. While this certainly isn’t the worst fashion we’ve seen from the ‘00s, it’This is without doubt one of the greatest fashion failures of that era. 

Olivia Wilde Couldn’t Get Enough Of This Accessory

It’s no surprise that Olivia Wilde took part in this controversial trend since she made her career debut at the height of its popularity. Scarves, decorative and functional, were all the rage, and Wilde, who made her film debut in 2004’s Girl Next DoorIt was all about this life. She wasn’t the only starlet at the time who subscribed to the questionable style. Retired actress Cameron Diaz was also seen wearing a huge knit scarf on one of her weakest red-carpet looks.  

New Faces in 2006

Wilde is wearing a white linen button-down shirt made from linen with the collar so high it almost touches her cheek in our first photo. The shirt is unbuttoned down to the middle of Wilde’s chest, which gives the viewer a clear shot of that red and white gauzy scarf she’s wearing.

We actually kind of dig the way the scarf’s red accents complemented her reddish-orange hand bag and her simple, long gold chain. This scarf was apparently a favorite of Wilde’s since we noticed that it popped up again in another red carpet photo just a year later.

Christmas came early and was disappointing

This look isn’t quite as strong as the previous look was. First, the combination red and green in the scarf and dress are screaming. “Christmas”We were not able to take this photo in April. This is far too early for Christmas in July. We think her red shoes match her scarf but we wish they could have been replaced and the look would have been much better. 

Olivia, are You Under There Somewhere?

Finally, we found a photo of Wilde that’s literally more scarf than woman. We think we spy a brown leather jacket underneath all that scarf, but it’s hard to know for sure. We can’t even see what Wilde’s shirt looks like beneath that busy black and white scarf, so it’s almost impossible to actually rate this look. Wilde looks gorgeous, as always, if that’s any consolation for her. We were so distracted by the scarf that we almost forgot to comment on those boots, which are somehow even uglier than Uggs, we’re sorry to report.  

Obviously we’re relieved that the scarf trend hit its end sometime in the last decade, but with trends from the early aughts beginning to see a resurgence (looking at you, thin eyebrows), we’ve got reason to worry that we’ll once again see people wearing scarves that could double as a muumuu.

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