Olivia Wilde Wins in Custody Battle with Jason Sudeikis


Olivia WildeA small victory was achieved in the custody battle against ex Jason Sudeikis over their two children—and it’s all about location.
According to court documents, TMZAug. 10 was a zoom hearing with Olivia, Jason and their respective attorneys in New York (where Jason lives) and Los Angeles, (where Olivia’s residence). The exes—who dated for nearly 10 years before their split in November 2020—are in the middle of an ongoing custody battle over their two children, Otis8. Daisy, 5.
The outlet reports that both judges presided over the meeting agreed that New York was not the children’s home. They instead cited California. According to court documents obtained from Page SixThis means Jason’s original case in New York has been dismissed.

The judges’ decision does not dismiss the case, however, the publication stated. This is because the move would cause the custody case in L.A. County to continue.

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