Oman’s Fishermen Kick Off the Fishing Season With Traditional Music and Dances


Fishing isn’t just waiting around for a big catch, especially when doing it for a living. It’s hard work, as these Omani fishermen will tell you.

Folklore and songs from Dhofar in Oman are used to kick-off the fishing season, which runs from September through April.

There are many hymns, as well as centuries-old tunes. The music can be adapted to suit the task at hand and has different rhythms or tempos.

Singing may seem like a way to pass the time but fishing here is serious business. According to reports, about half of Dhofar’s population earns their livelihood from fishing.

“Fisheries are Oman’s second-largest natural resource,”According to The World Bank “Before the discovery of oil in the 1960s, Omanis relied on agriculture and fishing.”

While the fishing industry is constantly evolving, fishermen still hold on to their traditional ways.