Omicron symptom warning as expert reveals headaches could be a sign of Covid variant


There’s one specific Omicron symptom that seem to be more ‘intense’ in unvaccinated patients infected with the Covid variant, a top medic has revealed. Here’s what you need to know about the strange symptom

Covid experts have started to notice one particularly painful Omicron symptom.

In an interview with Sky News, Omicron expert Dr Angelique Coetzee said that most of the symptoms for the new variant seem to be mild for most patients. Many of those who suffer with the variant seem to recover within seven days.

Despite this encouraging news, there is one painful symptom of the Covid variant that appears to be causing intense discomfort for some — particularly unvaccinated — people.

Dr Coetzee said that she noticed many people infected with Omicron who are unvaccinated, appear to suffer from headaches more intensely than those who have been jabbed.

Besides the severity of the headache and some other common symptoms of the variant, she added that “vaccinated people even recover quicker than unvaccinated people.”

What to do if you wake up with a headache

If you wake up with a headache, this could be a sign of Omicron. So even if it’s just a slight headache, its could be good to take a lateral flow test to be on the safe side.

But it’s advised that in order to avoid the risk of false negatives, particularly in the case of mild symptoms, its better to wait to 24 hours after you start feeling any symptoms to take a later flow test.

Dr Coetzee said: “The rapid test can still be false negative in the first period, but after 24 hours up until five to six days later, the rapid test is more than sufficient to detect positive cases.”

She added that if you have a headache or any other symptom, its better to double-check with a PCR test even if the lateral flow test is negative, because the PCR sometimes turns up negative in unwell people who previously had a negative rapid test.

As per NHS guidelines, anyone who suspects they have Covid should self-isolate until they get back a negative PCR test result.

What other new potential Omicron symptoms could people have

Besides the headache, Dr Coetzee mentioned that most people with Omicron reported having sore muscles (myalgia) and fatigue (tiredness). In vaccinated patients the fatigue and myalgia lasts for a day or two, but she noted that like the headaches, the muscle pain is more intense for those who are unvaccinated.

She explained that the symptoms are similar in most people and that the disease is only mild if vaccinated, adding that right now Omicron’s transmissibility is equal to Delta, but that it could reveal to be more transmissible as time progresses.

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