One of the Men Accused of Shooting Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Released From Prison by Mistake


One of the men who is accused of shooting Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, last year was allegedly released from prison by mistake, according to ABC Los Angeles.

James Howard Jackson, 19, is one of three men charged in the shooting and robbery of the dog walker in February 2021, New York Post reported. Jackson was released by the court after records showed that the charges against Jackson were dropped, according New York Post.

Jackson’s dismissed charges were supposed to have been replaced by a superseding grand jury indictment unsealed during Wednesday’s hearing, according to the LA County District Attorney’s Office, as reported by the New York Post.

Jackson appeared to have been lucky. The superseding case against Jackson was dropped and Jackson was released by mistake following a Wednesday court appearance, sources familiar with the matter said. NBCLA.

Jackson pleaded not guilty for the dismissed charges.

Sources familiar with court proceedings indicated that it seemed that records weren’t updated regarding the superseding matter, according to several sources. NBC News.

Jackson’s jail records, obtained by Inside Edition Digital on Friday, show that he was dismissed Wednesday at 3:38 in the afternoon.  

Inside Edition Digital has reached out to both the LAPD and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office for comment on the matter and has not heard back.

Ryan Fischer said last month to Inside Edition that Hollywood had become a painful reminder for him of the trauma he endured. “I would be walking. All of a sudden a tour bus would show up, and they would start talking about my attack,”He said.

He decided to take inspiration from the movie and hit the road. “Nomadland,”Which he had seen the night before.

One year ago, the hero was almost shot to death fighting the dognappers. Now, he lives in Austin, Texas in a camper.

Fischer was left with a collapsed lungs and nerve damage after the bullet entered his neck just below and tore into his shoulder blade.

During the brazen attack, Fischer managed to hold onto Lady Gaga’s dog, Asia. The assailants took her two French bulldogs. Fischer says he spent time in Lady Gaga’s home during his recovery.

Lady Gaga was later given the two stolen dogs. Five people were taken into police custody.