One Paratrooper is dead and another injures after their parachutes get entangled mid-air


One man was killed when two paratroopers collided while flying in midair at a Brazilian civilian event. New York Post.

The accident happened when both men were trying to land, and one lost control and ran into his colleague’s parachute. The men fell over 100 feet to ground.

Erick Nascimento de Souza was 35 years old when he died of his injuries that same day. Major Francisco Damiao Vieira Neto had surgery and remains in a Rio de Janeiro hospital.

De Souza is survived his wife and his son.

De Souza was the acting captain of The Parachutist Support and Maintenance Battalion. “The activity that they were taking part in was of a civil nature and was coordinated by the Resende Parachuting Club,”In a statement, the company said.

They also expressed their condolences to De Souza’s family.

Authorities are yet to confirm if they are investigating to determine the cause of the accident.

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