One Royal Family member once said that The Queen’s Corgis “Should be Shot”


Queen ElizabethShe is well-known for her love for animals, including her passion for horses and her beloved brood of dogs. Although the corgis are a common sight in the palace, the royal family had one member who was very vocal about their concerns. 

Queen Elizabeth’s Long Love Of Corgis

The queen Who has referred her corgis to as “my family,”She was seven when she received her first Corgi. One of her corgis, Susan, was even taken on her 1947 honeymoon. Queen Elizabeth currently has four dogs—two corgis, one dorgi (a dachshund-corgi mix), and a cocker spaniel. 

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The royal family is used to the dogs by now, but one royal once gave her thoughts on the queen’s pets. Princess Michael of Kent joined the royal family after marrying Prince Michael of Kent, the queen’s first cousin. 

How the Queen Reacted to a Family Member Having Comments About Her Dogs ‘Should Be Shot’

Princess Michael is famous for her candid opinions on everything from Windsor Castle’s decor (“awful”) to the older members of the royal family (“boring”). So, when it came to sharing her thoughts on Queen Elizabeth’s royal dogs, no one was surprised when the princess didn’t hold back. When she was asked about corgis, Princess Michael spokeThey were her idea “should be shot.”

Many were shocked by the princess’ candor and wondered how the queen would take Princess Michael’s comments. But Queen Elizabeth is well-known for her sharp tongue. According to the book “The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II,”The queen responded, “They’re better behaved than she is.”

Who Is Princess Michael,

Princess Michael was born into a different aristocracy before she married into the British royals. She was known at the time as Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz (a member of a German royal family which is distantly related with Queen Elizabeth). 

She was previously married with Thomas Troubridge (an English banker), but they divorced in 1973. She wed Prince Michael in 1978, but the decision to get married made a very dramatic change to the prince’s life. 

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The princess was Roman Catholic and Prince Michael married her to give up his right as heir to the throne. He was then 15th in the line. With the passage of the Succession to Crown Act in 2013, this right was restored. 

The queen’s corgis are now an iconic part of the royal’s image, and it’s clear she loves them almost as much as the human members of the family. Even though Princess Michael’s comment was a little harsh, it’s clear Queen Elizabeth found it funny. 

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