Online photos that are a bit embarrassing of the Costa machine


After sharing a photo from the Costa Coffee machine, a customer at Co-op Llandovery in Wales shocked all social media users.

Joshua Thomas snapped photos of the filthy machine on February 20, February 2, and March 28, as well as March 29, and April 11.

Reports indicate that he had been going to the store since January in order to monitor the progress of the mucky machines. WalesLive.

Costa Coffee self-serve machines can be found in service stations and shops across the UK.

There are a range of hot and chilled drinks that can be purchased at the shop, which is great for taking with you while on the go.

The coffee might not be as good as it used to be, however.

The photos were taken in Llandovery
These photos were taken at Llandovery

Joshua posted this on social media: “I’m am writing this on behalf of the people who actually use Costa Coffee machines, I am a big coffee drinker and used to use these machines very often but I have decided to make my own to take to work.

“I’ve made Co-op (Llandovery) aware of this situation which didn’t go so well as three workers started questioning why I’m taking photos and what I intended on doing with them.

“So I thought I’d give them a chance to clean it more often.

“So I went back and took another look and this coffee machine is the worst one I’ve ever seen.”

Self-service Costa Coffee machines are commonly found in shops and services
Costa Coffee machines that can be used in self-service are often found in shops and other services.

Co-op spokesperson said: “Hygiene and food safety are of utmost importance to us and the Costa Coffee machine is cleaned daily as part of strict standards in store.

“However, we are introducing new cleaning methods to ensure the machine stays clean during busy periods.”

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