OnlyFans Model asked for a Restraining Order against Boyfriend: Bodycam


Courtney Clenney from OnlyFans told police she wanted a restraining orders against her boyfriend two days prior to fatally stabbing him.

This happened while officers responded to a 911 emergency regarding a domestic disturbance in her Miami apartment building’s lobby. A building employee told police he called 911 because Clenney’s “boyfriend [came] charging towards her and we [tried] to get in the middle of it.”

The incident began when police arrived at the lobby of a luxurious high-rise residence. Clenney, 26 years old, told police that she was afraid of Christian Obumseli, her boyfriend. 

“I broke up with him. My mom came out to help me break up with him, and I just couldn’t do it,” Clenney said.

Clenney informed police that she wants a restraining or protection order against Obumseli. An officer then asked Clenney if he had ever threatened her or been physically violent towards her. 

“Yes. That’s not really, like, my concern. It’s just the stalk, stalk, stalk. He was stalking me,” Clenney said.

Clenney was then taken by police to her apartment in order to ensure that she was safe. 

Two days later, the fatal stabbing took place. Clenney’s lawyers claim she acted in self-defense. They say that the newly-released video supports Clenney’s claim that there was a history of abuse by Obumseli. 

“It shows an emotional individual, a woman who clearly is seeking help from the police, because she’s a victim of domestic violence,” attorney Sabrina Puglisi tells Inside Edition. 

“This video is just the tip of the iceberg,”Frank Prieto stated. 

Clenney has been shown on video in the past by Prosecutors. “aggressively attacking”Her boyfriend was in the elevator of their apartment block two months before he died. 

Prosecutors said “no comment”When being asked about the video.

Clenney will be tried Dec. 19.

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