Opera Singers Perform Ukraine’s National Anthem in Lviv After Russian Missile Attack


To bring some joy and morale to Ukrainians living through the Russian attack on their own soil, a group of opera singers gathered in the center of Lviv, a city that was bombed only hours earlier, to perform the Ukrainian national anthem. 

With lyrics such as “thou art not dead, Ukraine,”The “State Anthem of Ukraine” has become a popular rally cry throughout the war-torn country.

Lviv is home to over 700,000. It lies close to the border of western Ukraine and Poland. This makes it a good choice for NATO territory. 

Until Friday, Lviv had not yet been attacked since the beginning of the Russian siege on the country nearly four weeks ago. 

About 200 000 refugees have fled to Lviv since then in search for relative safety and a place to rest before continuing on to border crossings. 

The lyrics were belted out by the opera singers just hours after Russian missiles hit the city on Friday. “As in Springtime melts the snow, so shall melt away the foe, And we shall be masters in our own home,”Spreading much-needed hope all over the world.


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