Oregon Woman Reports Being Acid Thrown at Three Times in March by Police


Eugene police said that an Oregon woman reported that she was acid-threw on her three times since March.

According to Melinda McLaughlin, a woman who is not identified said that the most recent attack happened Tuesday morning at 5:30 a.m. She said she was attacked by acid when she opened her front door. McLaughlin reported that the woman was treated for chemical burns at a hospital.

Police said that the woman reported that someone broke into her home and poured chemical chemicals on her. The fluid was then ignited. 

Police said that she covered the fire with a sandal and received treatment at a local hospital for burns.

The incident occurred on March 28, while the woman was walking her dog. Police were called and she told them that a man had thrown a cup of acid at her. According to police, she was transported to the emergency department and was treated for burns.

She claimed that the same attacker had attacked her in all three of these incidents. According to her, at least two attacks were made by him, making disparaging remarks about her Native American identity.

The suspect was described by her as a white male, aged between 17 and 20, with dark-blond hair. Eugene police need the public’s assistance in identifying this suspect.


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