Ouch Filter’ is One of TikTok’s Most Popular Filters.


TikTok, which has videos of everything you can think of, is the most downloaded app. People use the app to do dance challenges, find new music, or film videos using one of the app’s many facial filters. One woman claimed that she even traded her bobby pin for a house. Users are scathing about a new filter, and with good reason. 

Why TikTok Users Are Calling For This Filter

The “Ouch Filter”The filter was first seen on TikTok just a few weeks back and quickly became viral. The filter makes its user look like they’ve been in a fight, complete with a black eye and a cut across the bridge of the nose. Many people used the filter to poke fun at their friends and family, sending clips of them looking injured. Others were more concerned about the filter. 

“This filter is absurd and disgusting!!!”One comment was made to a YouTube video that showed someone using the filter. “This is the last filter people need to know about,”Another person wrote a TikTok about someone who was using the “Ouch Filter”Frequently Asked Questions “what the f is this filter?”

“The romanticization of violence isn’t cool,”In a video, a TikTok user discussed the filter. The user is then given fake injuries by the filter. She said this: “All I have to say is, do we really need this kind of violence?” 

Some people began using the filter for domestic violence. This triggered backlash. While it’s an important topic, many felt that a TikTok trend and a face-changing filter was not the correct way to discuss such a heavy subject. 

TikTok Is Hypocritical?

Although many people don’t like the subject of violence, particularly against women, some criticize the app for its hypocrisy. TikTok’s guidelines for what can and cannot go on the app are very clear. They have the power to delete accounts and videos at their own discretion if they believe that an account or video creator has broken any of these guidelines. 

One example of such a rule? Depicting violence in videos. The app deleted videos that showed people applying makeup to make them look as though they were involved in a fight. Creators have been warned or have had their accounts deleted.  Many makeup and VFX artists were furious that TikTok had made a filter that made someone appear injured, even though they were already being penalized by TikTok for doing the same thing. 

While the filter has been removed from the App, many tech-savvy users were able to continue using it. “Ouch Filter.” While it’s arguable that it’s just a silly way to make videos, the implications of the filter are largely distasteful.