Over 40s and teens are eligible for booster jabs. Book your second dose by tomorrow


The National Booking Service is open to all people between the ages of 40 and 49 to receive their third dose of vaccine. It will also be open to 16-17 year-olds to receive their second dose.

Ministers encourage people over 40 to book booster jabs as soon as possible.

The National Booking Service is open to anyone aged 40-49 for their third dose, and 16-17-year-olds to their second dose.

In the UK, around 15 million boosters were administered.

Although vaccines provide high levels of protection, immunity decreases over time, especially for seniors and at-risk populations.

Ministers have urged people to come forward for extra protection in the winter months.

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, said that “Getting your COVID-19 vaccine booster is the best way for you and your loved ones to stay safe this winter.” This will also help lower the NHS’s pressure.

“While the government is continuing to monitor a wide range of data to ensure the country remains protected, we have very sadly seen a surge in cases in parts of Europe.

“The most important thing we can do to stop a similar rise in this country is get the jab – so please get your vaccines as soon as you can so we can keep the virus at bay.”

After six months, people who are eligible can receive a booster.

However, they can make an appointment starting Monday at 7am when the National Booking Service opens to people over 40 as well as young people under 16 in England.

According to NHS England, almost 200,000 teens in this group are eligible for a second shot.

The booster is available to almost 500,000 people in their 40s who have had a booster at least six months prior.

Online bookings are possible or by calling 119 Anyone who is eligible to receive a booster after the six-month mark or beyond can use the NHS Online Walk-In Locator to find the nearest walk-in location.

NHS England stated that more than one million 40- to 49-year olds can book their appointments starting Monday. Another 1.5 million invitations will be sent to this group over the next few weeks.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam from England, the deputy chief medical officer, said last week that while vaccines have saved many lives, they are not the only thing. “countless lives and helped restore our freedoms in an unprecedented way”It is evident “protection will wane over time after the first two doses of a primary course – that is especially so in older adults and those with risk conditions”.

He also stated that the waning is starting to show in the 40-49 age group, something he would anticipate to increase if there were no boosters.

He made the comment as the coronavirus-1>coronavirus booster programme was extended to over-40s across the UK.

According to the Government, more than 14,000,000 boosters and third doses of the medication had been given in the UK on Friday. Additionally, there were over a million top-up jabs since Tuesday.

Professor Stephen Powis is the NHS national medical director. “I’ve had my booster and I would urge everyone to get their vaccine whether their first, second or top-up dose as soon as possible, giving them and their loved ones vital protection over winter and the festive period.”

Maggie Throup, vaccines minister, stated that people must work hard to get the vaccines they need. “protect the gains we have made through our vaccination programme this winter”If you are eligible, please come forward to receive boosters.

Dr Emily Lawson, the NHS Covid-19 vaccine programme director, stated: “In the run-up to the festive period and what we know will be a challenging winter, I would encourage everyone who is eligible and invited to take up the offer of a life-saving booster as soon as possible to protect yourself and those around you.”

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