Paige Thorne from Love Island wants to go back to work as a paramedic


Paige Thorne, a Love Island beauty, is “1,000%”She is determined to return to her paramedic job after she appeared on the reality dating series.

The 24-year-old Welsh woman admitted that she felt guilty about leaving her job in order to appear on ITV2’s programme. She refused to give her bosses notice for more than three weeks before departing to the villa in Mallorca, to protect her chances of landing a role.

Thorne stated that she was leaving things behind ahead of the series launch, which will be held later today (June 6, 2012). “up in the air”Despite being adamant about her employer, she insists that working for the NHS is her only career goal.

She stated that she didn’t inform her bosses in advance. I gave them probably not enough time than I should have.

Paige Thorne
Paige Thorne believes she is too much a “people’s person” to not return to the NHS

“But you don’t find out until really close to the time if you get on the show. I didn’t want to risk my chances and start saying stuff beforehand.

“I would 1,000% return to paramedic. I love my job. It provides everything I need. I can’t imagine not wanting to return to this job.”

Thorne became a paramedic six months before the global pandemic and says she had to “After a hard day on the frontline, “switch off”.

Paige Thorne
Paige Thorne is proud that she became a paramedic six-months before the global pandemic.

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She said: “For my career and me I have only ever known the pandemic. I was supported and there was a lot in place to make sure I was protected but Covid is the norm for me. I feel like I don’t know any different.

“It is very difficult to spot someone suffering from Covid. There is not much we can do. It is one of those things that you need to get rid of and not take with you.

After Thorne signed up for Love Island, it was clear that her parents needed convincing.

She said she didn't give her employer enough of a notice that she would be entering the villa
She claimed she hadn’t given her employer enough notice that she would be entering Villa.

She stated: “My mum was super, super supportive and she was like ‘no way’. My dad on the other hand was like ‘no way’ but in a bad way.”

She continued: “He’s never watched the show so in his mind he’s made it out to be something that it’s not and he doesn’t want his little girl going on there and doing all these bits, so he was really apprehensive.

“My mum gave him a little bit of a slap and encouraged him to be strong and supportive. He did come around in the end, and he is now excited for me, bless him. But I doubt he will be tuning in to my honesty.

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