Paige VanZant Gets Risqué in Sultry New Photos


Paige VanZant is still a popular social media star and works hard to become a top fighter in the world. The 28-year-old MMA fighter is also a professional boxer and wrestler. Recent visit to Instagram to post a series of photos from her latest shoot. VanZant is wearing tennis clothes with a very short skirt. In each Instagram post, VanZant promotes her website, 

VanZant, in addition to competing with All Elite Wrestling (BKFC), is also under contract with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships (BKFC). Charisa Sigala, VanZant’s opponent, was scheduled to take place at BKFC27 in London.But the fight is over and will likely happen in October. VanZant took to social media to vent her frustration. 

“I did not pull from my fight!!! I was pulled!” VanZant. “I am pissed off and heartbroken! I worked my f—ing a— off to be pulled a week before I am supposed to compete!!!!!”VanZant would be fighting in her first fight of 2022, the fight that was postponed had been set. In July 2021, she lost to Rachael Osovich in BKFC. After she left UFC in 2020, her current record in BKFC is 0-2. 

VanZant made an in-ring debut at AEW in May. VanZant was on the AEW show in March. Throwing Down With Renee And Meisha and talked about her transition from MMA to pro wrestling.  “Honestly, it’s amazing,” She said, “Persist!” 411 Mania. “A lot of similarities and I think that I’m going to pick things up quickly, but the hard thing is to break some of the habits. The moves are so similar from MMA training to pro wrestling training, but there’s just those few differences that you really want to focus on.”

VanZant also spoke about why she didn’t join WWE when she met with the company. “I did know that my career would take me into pro wrestling eventually,”She elaborated. “I wasn’t sure what venue that would be, if that would be WWE, or if that would be AEW. I’ve been a fan of both. So I actually did make it out about a year ago to the WWE Headquarters. You know, they had a different plan for what they wanted for me, whereas AEW I am so excited that they were happy to partner with me and let me continue to fight MMA, continue to do bare-knuckle boxing.”