Palace Rumors: Prince William Supposedly Require Harry to Apologize for the Feud


Are you Prince William Prince HarryMore estranged than ever? Rumors say that the rift between the royal siblings is growing. Here’s what the tabloids are saying about the dukes’ alleged feud.

Prince William ‘Shut Out’The Sussexes

In May, Star reported Prince William was instrumental in banning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the royal balcony during the queen’s platinum jubilee. In fact, sources alleged William acted with Prince Charles to greenlight the order against the queen’s wishes. “The queen is actually open to having Harry and Meghan up there beside her,”An insider’s story. Charles and William were determined not to reveal the truth. “drama”This was done in the footsteps of the Sussexes.

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We saw no reason to dig for any more drama surrounding the palace’s announcement. The exclusion was not because of Prince Harry or Meghan Markle. The palace allowed only working royals to join Her Majesty for Trooping the Colour. This seemed reasonable enough, and the Sussexes certainly didn’t make a fuss over it. So, we didn’t see why the tabloid was determined to linger on the matter.

Prince William Commanded Prince Harry To Apologize

Then, Woman’s Day revealed Prince William’s true intention behind excluding Harry from the balcony was to get him to apologize. The announcement was clearly made by the Duke to Harry. “He wanted them to understand that nobody is bigger than the monarchy, and feels very much it is time the Sussexes offer an apology to the Queen and the family,”The rat whispered. “But William is at the point where even if the Sussexes did apologize—which they haven’t—it wouldn’t mean anything.”

Of course, there wasn’t a shred of evidence to support this narrative. We knew that Harry and Markle didn’t seem to mind the arrangement, so if the Duke of Cambridge really did have ulterior motives, we’re not sure how this “insider”They would have known. From what we could tell, this tipster was absolutely full of it, and the magazine had no real insight into the brothers’ relationship.

Prince Harry’s Divorce: Prince William and Prince William?

Finally, Neue Idea According to the article, Harry felt that the conflict between William and Harry was impacting his 40th birthday celebrations. According to the article Harry “didn’t even contact”William was there to support him, and his brother was also present. “William’s truly upset and has broken down over Harry to Kate many times lately,”The snitch ended.

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We were forced to remind everyone that Harry could not tell if William contacted Harry for his birthday. It’s both bold and unbelievable to claim to have access to the duke’s private communications. But there’s more. “happy birthday” texts, we were baffled by the tipster’s alleged knowledge of when William cries to his wife. We aren’t disputing that the future king confides in his wife when he’s upset, but it’s just bizarre to claim to have a window into these intimate moments.

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