Pam Hupp’s mother: What happened? Did She Get Murdered?


Shirley was later found to have.84 micrograms Ambien, according to toxicologists. Fox 2 Now Is “eight times what you should have in your blood if you took a prescribed dose.”Police declared Shirley’s death an accident, and Pam was able receive the $500,000 her mother had intended to leave her.

The conversation turned to Pam’s mother in 2015 as Pam was speaking with Leah Askey, Lincoln County Prosecutor, ahead of Russ’s retrial. “People say I killed her. We had sold her house, her car and everything she owned and put her in a home,”Pam said. “To everybody else on this planet, I took a 210-pound woman and threw her through railings. How do you do that? How does a man do that?”

How can a woman weighing 210 lbs with eight times the usual Ambien intake throw it? She herselfYou can see the railings from a balcony. DatelineThis question was also asked.When recording their podcast, they decided to consult a structural engineer to inspect the bars. He came back later with the conclusion: “it would take a lawnmower or a vehicle to cause that much bending.”

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