Paraglider Helps Saves Woman After Her Car Plunges Into Alligator-Infested Florida Waters


A quick-thinking paraglider helped save a woman’s life after her car was plunged into alligator-infested waters in Florida.  

Cristiano Piquet took to paragliding in Miami on a clear and sunny morning. As he flew his motorized rig above a canal near Miami, Piquet spotted a car submerged in the water and a woman’s head just above the surface.  

In fear of drowning, or being eaten by an alligator she was holding onto the car. 

Piquet made an Emergency Landing in a nearby Field and ran as fast as possible to the woman. This was captured on his GoPro.  

“You need help?”He shouted at her.  

“Oh my God! I fell with my car in here!”The woman stated.  

The neighbor on the other end of the canal was also able to hear the commotion. He rushed to help the woman. The neighbor pulled the woman free using a rope.  

“I saw there was nobody else around,”He spoke to Inside Edition. “I was at the right place at the right time.”


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