Parents and children flee panic after gunfire ring out near South Carolina Little League game


Parents and kids were terrified as gunfire rang near a South Carolina game of Little League. 

Video captures the moment the players freeze in shock when they hear the sound bullets. They were instructed to duck and cover themselves on the ground.

The cease fire was briefly broken, but then another round began.

North Charleston was the site of the horrendous ordeal. Lori and Blake Ferguson’s 8-year-old son Silas was on the pitcher’s mound. 

“Next batter was coming up, and [Silas] walks back over to the pitching mound, and we just hear, ‘Boom, boom!’ And Silas said he looked up in the air for fireworks and two seconds later, it was just, ‘Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,’ like in the movies — 60, 70 rounds of bullets flying,” Lori said.

“[It was] the worst experience, nightmare that we have ever been through,”The mom continued.

She claimed that they ran behind the dugout, and she and other parents got down on the ground with their children.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt. Cops arrived at the scene to find parked cars with bullet holes.

“The people that were out there shooting at each other weren’t here to watch a ball game,”R. Keith Summey was the North Charleston Mayor. “They came into a secluded area to carry out a fight that started somewhere else and ended up shooting at each other. It destroyed the hearts of a lot of people.”

Tuesday night’s game has been canceled. But the Fergusons say it’s the last time they will ever bring their kids to that field.

Police officers are meeting to discuss a plan to increase security at future Little League games.