Parents watch helplessly as Ring App is robbed by Texas Home Invasion Kids


A teenage girl and her two friends were robbed at gunpoint as the homeowners watched the terrifying home invasion on their Ring app.

Video shows two armed men burst into the house in Pasadena, Texas, and order the three victims to the floor. One suspect grabbed one of the teenagers by the hair and ordered her into another area of the house.

The incident unfolded as the girl was robbed. Her parents were also out that evening and watched the events on their smartphones. 

“Hey, who’s in my house?”According to the homeowner. “I got you on camera.”

“My neighbors are there. They’re calling the cops right now. Y’all better get out of my house. Y’all better get out of my house now,”He went on.

According to Lt. James Holt, Pasadena Police Department, the video shows how terrifying and traumatic the incident was. 

“As soon as that camera system activates and someone is talking to them, saying ‘Get out of my home, get out of my home,’ you can see how quickly they left,”Holt spoke.

The suspects remain at large.