Parking for Super Bowl Sunday Advertised for Up to $7,000 as LA Sheriff Preps Security Measures


Super Bowl weekend is here, and it’s being called the most expensive game day in NFL history. The cheapest tickets are around $7,000 and a 30-second commercial costs $7 million.

Plus, if you want to park anywhere close to SoFI Stadium, it will cost you.

One ad is selling a single parking spot for almost $7,000 dollars in a parking structure next door to the stadium.

At another parking lot a mile away from the stadium, a single spot is selling for $5,000.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is converging around SoFi Stadium to keep the high profile event safe.

Deputy Tom Mayberry showed Inside Edition his radiation tracking devices. His Labrador, Bear, is the only certified canine trained in the country to sniff out biological weapons.

Watch the video in the player above for at look at how Inside Edition special Super Bowl correspondent Cheryl Burke is covering the lead up to the big game.