Parkland Juror Claims She was Threatened by a Fellow Juror


Prosecutors are asking for an investigation after a juror claimed she was threatened with violence during deliberations over Nikolas Cruz’s sentence in the Parkland school massacre case.

After three out of 12 jurors voting against the death penalty, the jury recommended that Cruz be sentenced to life imprisonment. Cruz pleaded guilty for the murders of 17 victims at Marjory stoneman Douglas High School.

In an emergency hearing held Friday, the prosecution asked Judge Elizabeth Scherer’s permission to investigate whether any of the jurors felt threatened. 

“The sheriff’s office has jurisdiction. They’ve been made aware of the situation. Certainly if that’s a matter they feel is appropriate for an investigation, that’s what they should do,”Scherer stated. 

Scherer received a letter from a second juror who voted to be imprisoned for life. It stated that the deliberations were not fair. “tense” “some jurors became extremely unhappy” once she mentioned how she’d be voting.

“I would like you to know that [redacted]Juror X, who was a juror in this case, said that jurors who voted to death penalty were telling him that they had already decided to vote for life. This allegation is untrue,” the letter said, in part. 

Furious family members of the victims have denounced the jury’s sentencing recommendation, which spared Cruz’s life.

“I don’t think there was a full, conscious deliberation to attempt to come to a conclusion, when somebody says, ‘Nope, I’ve already made up my mind. There’s no way I’m voting for death,’”Tony Montalto, father to Parkland victim Gina Montalto told Inside Edition. 

Nikolas Cruz was sentenced to Nov. 1.

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