Pat Sajak is a ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” and a Quick-Witted Celebrity


Mario Cantone, actor, was hot on Sunday’s episode. Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. The Sex and the CityStar kept asking questions, earning him a big paycheck and raising eyebrows among the crowd. Fans soon realized Pat Sajak was actually trying to entertain them. “wrangle”Cantone.

Cantone got the correct answer on Sunday and didn’t stop there. He didn’t miss a clue and had a lot of fun with the crowd. Sajak appeared to be enjoying the energy at first. Cantone heard him say: “Do me a favor, for the rest of the show don’t behave yourself,”Cantone replied: “Oh, I won’t!”

Cantone started playing with props on the set, picking up one million-dollar wedges to pretend to be Miss America. Vanna White, his co-host, was also involved in the conversation. She asked him to Twirl on stage like a Tony Award.

“Mario Cantone on [Celebrity Wheel of Fortune] was the lighthearted fun I needed tonight,”One fan tweeted during the event. Another one added: “Mario is bringing a wide smile to my face.”

Some viewers felt that Catnoen was taking things too far for Sajak’s sake. One tweeted: “Watching Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and Pat is having NONE of Mario Cantone’s shenanigans. I love Mario. So much.”An additional: “Mario Cantone is spinning Pat Sajak’s wheel and I’m loving it!”

Later, Sajak joked with himself: “We’re having great fun tonight. My previous job as a cat wrangler is really helping me out.”Cantone was kind and told Sajak: “I’ve had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you.”

“Thank you! I will exact payment at some future date,”Sajak replied. Cantone took home $48,350, which he donated as celebrity contestants do. He chose The Actors FundThe Performing Arts and Entertainment Industry Association (EA) provides support to professionals when they are needed.

Celebrity Wheel of FortuneIt airs Sunday nights at 8 PM. ET on ABC. The main series airs in syndicated on weekdays. Please check your local listings to determine the channel.