Patricia Cornwell, Crime Fictionist, Tweets She is Not ‘Karen.’ Patricia Cornwall on Delta Flight


Patricia Cornwell, best-selling crime novelist, wants you to be sure that she is not the woman who was accused of hitting and spewing on a grandfather last week on Delta flights.

Patricia Cornwall, a former NFL cheerleader is the second. “Baywatch”The FBI arrested actress Dec. 23 after she allegedly attacked and raped a man aged 69 during a COVID-19 face-mask argument. This was captured by cellphone video.

“No, this isn’t me,”The author posted on Twitter.

The writer of a hugely popular series of books featuring medical examiner Kay Scarpetta said she had been getting “rather strange calls”The in-flight video has been viralized on social media since last week.

Patricia Cornwall, 51 years old, appeared Monday in Atlanta federal court. She is charged with “assault by striking, beating, or wounding”According to the FBI, Russell Miller was a fellow passenger. 

She has been added to Delta’s no fly list. CNNHe was granted permission to return to Los Angeles. According to the cable network, her $20,000 bail release stipulates that she cannot use public transport.

“I did call her a Karen on more than one occasion, and my grandchildren can’t believe I knew what the definition of a Karen was, so they’re all giving me high props for that,”Miller spoke to Inside Edition this week.

 “My face was cut, and I had blood running down my face,”He spoke out about the alleged attack. He claimed that he had removed his mask while drinking and eating.