Paul Heckingbottom, Sheffield United boss, urges Billy Sharp attacker to face “prison sentence”


Paul Heckingbottom, Sheffield United manager has demanded that a Nottingham Forest fan be imprisoned following Tuesday’s headbutt by Billy Sharp.

In the Championship semi-final, the Blades lost on penalties at City Ground. This result sparked wild celebrations.

Fans invaded every stand as the players were surrounded by Brice, the hero goalkeeper who saved three goals.

Sharp was standing at the sideline of the pitch when footage showed a fan running straight at Sharp and hitting him with extreme force.

The 36-year old has needed stitches, while Heckingbottom called the police.

He said: “Bill was minding his own business off the pitch, trying to get our players away. He was cowardly attacked on the blind side and knocked to ground.

“He has had stitches and is shook up. His safety was compromised at his place of employment. It is a sentence of imprisonment that is waiting to be served.

“We have the footage and something will be done about it.“

Billy Sharp was knocked to the ground by one fan who had invaded the pitch
One fan invaded the pitch and knocked Billy Sharp to the ground

Sharp, who was injured, had not been able to play in the match and was instead standing by the pitch sideline as the pitch invaders made their way out.

Many around the United star were stunned, but others could not believe what was happening.

After Forest made a step towards promotion, the Premier League was ruined by an unprovoked attack.

They lost 2-1 to the Trent river on the night, but they managed to get to the final via penalties.

After saving three spot-kicks, Samba was the main man.

After beating Luton Town in the semi-final, they will now face Huddersfield.