‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison was remarried by his mother months after his divorce


Rick HarrisonOne of the familiar faces from Pawn StarsThe lawsuit against him is quite personal. The reality star’s mother is suing him over a large collection of assets, including cash, silver, and ownership shares of the now-famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. 

Rick Harrison Claims That Allusions are False and Mother Is Being Manipulated

Joanne, Rick’s 81-year-old mother, had her attorneys file the lawsuit last week. A spokesperson for Rick says that he didn’t know about the suit until the day after it was filed and that all the accusations are false. 

“Now that I’ve seen the Review-Journal story and what is alleged in the lawsuit, I can say that the allegations are false and I think that my 81-year old mother is being manipulated by others for their personal gain,”Rick stated this in an email sent to the Las Vegas newspaper. 

The lawsuit describes how Rick got the pawn shop. Joanne and Richard, his parents, were known as the “Old Man,”In 1981, the shop was opened. They also started an operating entity for the business called G&S Coin Shop. Richard held 49%, and Joanne 51%. 

“In or around 2000 or 2001, Joanne had been in a coma and was being cared for in the ICU at Valley Hospital,” Joanne’s attorneys claim in the lawsuit. “While Joanne was in the hospital recovering from her coma, Rick apparently made her sign over her 51 percent ownership interest in the Pawn Shop to him. Joanne did not know or fully understand what she was allegedly signing at the time.”

Richard persuaded her to give Rick her shares. Joanne received her husband’s shares, but she died. She claims that her son will not provide her with complete documentation of the business’ finances. 

Missing Values and Money

It is also alleged that Rick gave his mother a $25,000 monthly allowance in order to cover her living and medical expenses from 2018 to 2020. “However, in early 2020, before the pandemic hit, Rick unilaterally and without notice or explanation, reduced Joanne’s distributions to approximately $20,000 per month,”The suit states. “Then, in or around March 2020, Rick abruptly stopped the monthly distributions to Joanne all together.”

Joanne seeks to have an accounting done on a $500,000 collection in silver and $100,000 in cash her late husband accumulated. Rick is being accused of breaching contract and breaching fiduciary duty. Joanne is seeking transparency, damages and injunctions. With Rick claiming his mother is being manipulated, it’s unclear who is telling the truth in this family feud.

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