Peaky Blinders fans rejoice as Tom Hardy returns to the series


Viewers were thrilled to see Tom Hardy return to BBC’s Peaky Blinders Sunday evening. They quickly took to social media to share their joy

On Sunday night, Peaky Blinders fans buzzed as Tom Hardy, the heartthrob of the group, returned to the small screen to reprise his role as Alfie Solomon.

Fans were thrilled to see Tom’s character return for the final episode of the BBC drama series.

Cillian Murphy’s Thomas Shelby walked through a darkened distillery, the lights flashing as he went by. This was an unsettling introduction to series 6.

The famous opera Nessun Dorma was playing in the background. Tommy reached the end of the row and was greeted with a cockney character.

Alfie laughs at his jokes “I always thought opera was fat people shouting,”As viewers were introduced to the character,

Alfie and Tommy are engaged in intense conversation, but the Brummie man informs his friend: “Alfie, I think I may have written your final act.”

Alfie questions why he should do business with the Shelby family as the men negotiate a business deal for heroin export to the United States.

Tommy then hears him tell Tommy: “America was supposed to be my masterpiece.”

This scene received a lot of positive comments online, as viewers long for Tom to return.

One user on Twitter wrote: “ALFIE HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU.”

Another comment: “Watching this week’s ep of Peaky Blinders. Tom Hardy’s back and I’m SO happy.

“I was overcome by the NOISE in my face after seeing Alfie Solomons once again.”

The third author wrote: “Even by his exceptionally high standards, that’s Tom Hardy’s finest 5 minutes of Alfie Solomons yet.”

The fourth was even more enthusiastic: “Tom Hardy back on my TV screen is just the remedy I needed today. #PeakyBlinders”

Since series 2, Tom has been in and off the drama as he ran a London-based Jewish gang.

He was able to forge an alliance with Shelby’s family and has impressed fans all over the world with his incredible performances.

Episode two featured an emotional episode in which Polly Gray, played by Helen McCrory, was heard in the opening scenes.

Tommy heard her voice as a part of a scene from an older series as he returned from the US to the UK.

You can hear her saying: “There will be a war in this family, and one of you will die.”

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