Peloton Classes are Coming to Your Next Delta Flight


Peloton, a popular exercise app, is coming to Delta Airlines. CNNWho broke the news.

The popular at-home classes will not transform your chair into a gym or bike, but they will help you relax as you travel.

Peloton is offering five custom stretching and meditation classes produced exclusively for the airline, which are now available on planes with seatback screens, CNN reported.

CNN reported that classes range in length from five to twenty minutes and can last anywhere between five and 20 minutes. CNN reported that the classes are designed to make travel less stressful. They also help passengers relax on flights, stretch, and even fall asleep.

These classes are taught by well-known instructors like Adrian Williams, Chelsea Jackson Roberts and Matty Makiacomo.

Apart from offering exercise on a treadmill and exercise bikes, the company also offers yoga and meditation classes through their apps.

“It gives us the chance for people that aren’t Peloton members about this accessibility and that we have the best fitness content in the world,”CNN Business interviewed Jen Cotter, chief content officer at Peloton (PTON), in an exclusive interview. “We know that once someone downloads the Peloton app and tries one of our classes, they’re going to fall in love with Peloton.”