Penn Badgley Shares Hot Take About The Beatles and We Can’t Unsee It


“Ask Me Why” this Beatles pun went totally over our head!

On the “Eddie Vedder” episode of the Smartless podcast, released Feb. 14, hosts Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes brought an overlooked pun to listener’s attention and now we can’t look back! When discussing how they watched the Beatles documentary together, Jason chimed in to let listeners know that the “Beat” in The Beatles is a pun on music beats. 

Jason said, referring to his co-host Sean, “This ding dong didn’t understand that The Beatles, spelled B-E-A-T, like the beat, like one makes a beat with music.”  Sean chimed in adding, “I did not know that. Isn’t that so stupid?”

Jason further explained to Sean, and probably many of us listeners at home, that while a beetle bug is spelled B-E-E-T, the rock band used a different spelling to play up on the idea of a musical pun. 

But it seems Sean isn’t the only one who learned “Something” new. You star Penn Badgley took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter, writing, “I stand with @SeanHayes for I, too, didn’t know the Beatles’ name was wordplay.”

He added, “After all this time I just… never thought about it. And I do think a lot.


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