Pennsylvania Campaign Signs Equipped with Razor Blades


These Pennsylvania campaign signs were razor-sharp and had an edge over their competition.

A homeowner in southeast Pennsylvania was trying remove a political sign from their lawn. However, they were cut by razorblades that had been placed around it’s perimeter. According to a Facebook report PostPolice officers may also make these arrests. 

“Obviously, this was designed to inflict punishment on anyone who attempted to remove the sign,”Authorities in the post.   

Police discovered several other signs for political campaigns with razor blades. They were removed after further investigation. 

“The investigation is ongoing and we would like to ask residents that if you find signs on your property that have been placed there without permission, please inspect them prior to their removal,”Police said so in the post. 

Police say this act was done to inflict harm and was the first time they’ve seen anything like this.

“No matter your political affiliation, no matter your candidate preference, resorting to this type of depravity is unacceptable and criminal,”Police made the statement.  

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