People are outraged at the casting of an actor to play Prince William


It is safe to say that Netflix fans love the show. The CrownThey are passionate and it is hard to believe how passionate they are. The show is about the daily life of Queen ElizabethIt is well-received by critics and fans alike. The casting is one of the key elements that make The Crown so successful. It feels like we are getting an inside look into the lives of the royals we don’t know much about. Recent casting news has enthused fans. The CrownUp in arms about who was chosen to play Prince WilliamHe was also chosen to play the role.

Like Father, like Son

It became apparent that casting Prince William was not an easy task. The Crown. The producers held a nationwide search for actors who could capture William’s essence, but had no luck. This may have opened up the possibility for video auditions by some people hoping to land the part.

They received one tape, which sparked interest. But the actual casting is causing some upset. Why? Because Senan, Dominic West’s son, was hired. Dominic plays Prince Charles on The Crown. His fictional son was cast by them. Why is it so mad that they cast his son to play his fictional son?

Son of a Gun

Twitter was used by many to highlight the obvious: This looks suspiciously like nepotism. According to Google, nepotism means “nepotism”. ‘the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.’Hence, you can see why people get upset.

Many people disagree with this. Casting should be done based on talent and not your last name. It appears that Senan West had some help landing the job from his father in this instance, but we should reserve our judgement.

You can judge him on his performance

While it may be easy to say he was handed the role of Prince William because his father is key to the show, it’s not fair for anyone to judge him or assume that fully until we see how well Senan plays a young Prince William. If he ends up on the show and doesn’t have the chops to carry it or to stand his own among the amazing cast, then that will be very obvious and then, we can cast our stones.

Take it all with a grain. We didn’t see his audition tape, but Netflix did and clearly saw something in it. We must give him an opportunity before we condemn him. The kid might have something special, who knows? It could prove that Hollywood nepotism is a serious problem. But for now, it’s too early to tell.

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