People are selling McDonald’s sold out Chicken Big Macs on eBay


Many McDonald’s fans were left upset last week when the burger chain revealed that the new Chicken Big Mac was being removed from the menu after selling out across the country.

The Chicken Big Mac is a poultry take on the original Big Mac – it uses chicken patties rather than beef layered with cheese, lettuce, pickles and Big Mac sauce.

But, those who are desperate to try the chicken dish aren’t totally out of luck if they’re willing to pay big bucks.

Sellers on eBay are listing the sell-out sandwich on the auction site claiming to be the “last Chicken Big Mac”.

We’re not sure how we feel about people listing fresh food on eBay, but we only hope they’re refrigerated.

The burgers have been listed on eBay
The burgers have been listed on eBay

Thankfully, the items are listed for in-person collection… so nobody is sending Chicken Big Macs in the post.

The chicken sandwich is listed with a starting bid of 99p so you might be able to bag the meal for a bargain price.

And, it’s not just the burger that’s been listed for sale as other sellers are charging huge sums of the packaging.

One person listed the burger box alone for a whopping £100. And, that’s just the starting bid.

Though, McDonald’s march collectors who missed out might be thrilled with the find.

The Chicken Big Mac was launched just weeks ago before being removed from the menu due to the colossal demand.

Chicken Big Mac

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McDonald’s announced the menu change on Twitter after the burger “sold out almost everywhere” since its launch on February 1.

It tweeted: “Your love for the limited edition Chicken Big Mac knew no bounds and its sold out almost everywhere.

“Thank you for lovin’ it even more than we thought you would, it’ll be back soon.”

So, hopefully the chicken burger will return to menus in a few weeks.

Until then you can always buy two McChicken sandwiches for 99p each, slap them together and the staff for Big Mac sauce. Delish.

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