People can’t miss optical illusion, which seems to show a “huge crowd at concerts” – it’s almost like an optical illusion.


People have been blown away by an optical illusion online. It appears to show a huge crowd at a concert and people can’t see it other than they know the truth.

Even if you have never been to a concert, we all know what it looks like. There are thousands of people crowded together, bright lights, and a stage that appears small when taken from the back.

We all know what to expect from a photo of a large crowd enjoying live music. But what if that picture was actually quite different?

This is the trick that’s being played online on people. An optical illusion that looks like it was taken directly from the headline at Coachella or Glastonbury has gone viral.

Take a look at the image below to see who is standing in the crowd. Are you able to see the bright lights coming from the stage?

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It turns out, you aren’t actually looking at a concert – it’s just one cotton picker who works in a field at night.

In reality, the crowd is actually the field of natural fibre. The lights and the stage are the harvester, who was only working the nightshift to pick it.

Because of how information is received and processed by the brain’s visual areas, your mind was able to trick you into seeing something completely different.

Your perception was affected because your brain and eyes are trying to communicate. Things don’t connect immediately and the interpretation of an image is confused.

The bizarre illusion, which was posted on RedditBack in 2019, it was found again online. It has puzzled many people online with many saying that they still saw the concert’s image despite being told the truth.

One person said: “That’s some fluffy crows! I had to do a double-take on that one.”

“That took me a while”Another stated “I still see the tiny people though!”

One third wrote: “I honestly thought it was a concert at first glance … and that cotton picker now looks menacing to me as now I know.”

The fourth: “What gets me, is that, even when you’ve realised what it is, it still looks like a crowd at a concert!”

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