Pep Guardiola blasted after odd swipe at Jurgen Klopp


Liverpool fans have attacked Pep Guardiola following his attack on Jurgen Klopp over FWA’s Footballer of Year award.

Reds’ Mohamed Salah, who has scored 30 goals across all competitions this season, won the award for this season. Kevin de Bruyne was second in the voting. He is arguably City’s best player.

Guardiola was disappointed that De Bruyne didn’t win, despite City currently holding the Premier League title. The Spaniard made a sarcastic dig at Klopp in response to Salah being named Footballer of Year.

“He won it before – congrats to Salah. Jurgen said they have the best keeper, the second-best second keeper in the world, the best central defender, the best holding midfielder, the best striker so it’s normal they win all the awards,” Guardiola said.

Liverpool fans were furious at Guardiola’s remarks, and he was ridiculed by them. Reds fans attacked Guardiola’s comments, insisting it showed that he was ‘rattled ahead’ of the run-up to the season’s end.

“Fans will always gas up their players. It’s embarrassing for Pep to be claiming like Jurgen has ever said all this. Very odd. Always has been but more recent years he has been saying some crazy stuff. Paranoia creeping in,”One.

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Guardiola had delivered a typically sarcastic response to Mohamed Salah being named the Footballer of the Year
Guardiola was sarcastic in his response to Mohamed Salah being named Footballer-of-the Year

“We have more of the world’s best per position than pep has hair follicles,”One more. Another said: “Yep he’s fuming because he couldn’t walk the league like he would’ve liked. Have it wrapped it by March so he could go all out and try to win the thing they actually hired him for.”

A fourth was added: “Klopp also said that Guardiola was the best manager and City were the best team in the world. Guardiola forgot to mention that…When he gets nervous or things don’t go his way he likes to be very sarcastic.”The fifth was concluded: “He’s rattled. We’ve got him.”