Percy Jackson is now an Ensemble Cast member.


Percy JacksonSome TV industry veterans have been consulted.

Megan Mullally, Jason Mantzoukas Glynn TurmanHave joined the Disney+ Series Cast Percy Jackson, the Olympians, E! News can confirm.

Mullally was a two-time Emmy recipient for her performance as Karen Walker, NBC’s. Will & Grace, will play Alecto (a.k.a. Mrs. Dodds). “Mrs. Dodds is Percy’s strict, irascible math teacher who may act monstrous at times, because she is,”According to the streamer. “She’s one of the three Furies, known as Alecto, who loyally serves Hades, the god of the underworld.”

We cannot help but imagine Alecto holding a martini in each hand, but that could just be us. 

Mantzoukas is the voice of Jay on Netflix. Big Mouth and appeared as Rafi on FX’s The League, will play Dionysus (a.k.a. Mr. D, “runs Camp Half Blood, a camp for the demigods.”

Turman, who played Mayor Clarence V. Royce on HBO’s The Wire, has been cast as Chiron (a.k.a Mr. Brunner). “Disguised as Percy’s Latin teacher Mr. Brunner,” says Disney+, “Chiron is the famed centaur and trainer of heroes who provides Percy with moral guidance when needed.”

Everybody could use an inspirational centaur in their lives. 

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