Perrie Edwards from Little Mix cries when she’s told to stop singing


Perrie Edwards told Little Mix fans at London’s O2 arena, that she was not allowed to perform because of her medical condition.

Despite a severe throat infection, the singer was able to take the stage alongside bandmates Leigh Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall.

Tonight’s final performance by the X-Factor girls band at O2 is scheduled for May 14, before they go on an indefinite hiatus.

Perrie addressed the crowd at the end of the show, saying: “I have a bit of a throat infection, and my doctor was like, ‘You shouldn’t be singing, you shouldn’t perform.’

“I responded, “Tough! I stated that I could not miss London’s O2. Can you see? You can imagine it. ‘Don’t worry, doc. “Our crowds will sing every line.”

Perrie Edwards shed tears on stage while speaking to the crowd
Perrie Edwards wept on stage as she spoke to the crowd.

The singer was overcome with emotion as she thanked Little Mix fans over the years for their support.

She cried tears of joy and said: “You are incredible.

“We are truly grateful. We are so grateful to all of you for making this the best ten years in our lives.”

Bandmate Jade agreed as she too addressed the audience, also visibly emotional.

“It’s so nice being out here and seeing all your faces,” she said.

“Can you believe it’s been over ten year of Little Mix?

The band are due to go on hiatus
The band is going on hiatus

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“We have been through everything together, all the ups, all the downs, we’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together, we’ve got through some of the darkest moments in our lives together.

“These are some of the most amazing memories we have made. We will always cherish the bonds we have formed and the sisterhood that we share.”

The band revealed that while they are not splitting up, they will be taking a break from performing for some time, with Perrie previously remarking that they would return in a few years time.

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