Perth shark attack: Swimmer lost after being mauled at three beaches. – World News


Rescuers are on the lookout for the victim after he was attacked by a shark in the waters off Port Beach, Fremantle, Australia. Officials say the shark measured approximately 6.5 feet in length.

According to reports, a swimmer has gone missing following an attack by a shark.

Local media reported that rescuers launched a search to find the victim. He was believed to have been bitten while swimming at Port Beach, Fremantle.

Officials claimed that a unknown shark species measuring approximately two metres (6.5ft), was seen in the water at the time of the attack. However, some witnesses believe it to be a great white.

Witnesses described chaotic scenes as sirens and alarms sounded, and lifeguards advised everyone to get out of water by 10:10 on Saturday.

Paramedics and rescue boats arrived shortly after, and officials shut down at least three beaches. A police helicopter flew overhead.

An investigation was launched to find a victim who had been bitten on the shark. 9News reported.

Witness Ivana busic said the following: West Australian “I was in the area surfing when the alarm went off and we heard there was a shark in the water.

“Everyone ran out of the water.

“I am pretty shocked.”

Minutes later, three St John Ambulance crews arrived on the scene.

The police helicopter quickly landed on the shore, and rescue boats also joined the search.

Witnesses at the beach reported seeing a shark, some believing it to be great white. ABC reported.

Port Beach was soon closed. Leighton and Cottesloe beaches followed.