Pete Davidson’s Friends Believe Kim Kardashian Made Him Quit SNL,” Dubious Gossip Claims


Did Kim Kardashian Forcing Pete Davidson to quit Saturday Night Live? According to one tabloid, the comedian would do almost anything for his reality star girlfriend. Let’s take a closer look at this wild rumor.

‘Zombie’ Pete Davidson ‘Obeys Kim’s Demands’?

This week, National Enquirer Kim Kardashian claims Pete Davidson has horribly henpecked him by her new girlfriend. Davidson recently shocked fans by announcing he’d be leaving Saturday Night Live After eight years, sources claim that Kardashian was behind the whole thing.

“Kim’s well and truly got her claws into him now and is totally running his life,”An insider charge “His friends, SNL colleagues, and even his mom are trying to shake sense into him, but they say it’s like talking to a robot. All he cares about is what Kim, Kris, and the Kardashian crew think—just like all the other brainwashed guys before.”

The article warns that Kardashian could be ruining Davidson’s career. “It’s seriously alarming he’s surrendered most if not all of his independence to Kim and her family. Going into this relationship, he was one of the hottest celebs in America. Now he’s setting himself up to be yet another Kardashian stooge,”The snitch is over.

Pete Davidson Has Been ‘Hijacked’ By Kim Kardashian?

There’s no need to fear: Pete Davidson isn’t sacrificing his career to be with Kim Kardashian. Davidson is a grownup. SNL. He is highly sought after and has apparently decided to leave the show that made his name so he could pursue other opportunities. According to Davidson’s IMDB page, he has Three major projects are in the pipeline already.

And Deadline reported just a couple of months ago that Davidson has a semi-autobiographical comedy series in the works with SNL Lorne Michaels, the creator of the site. Everyone wants a piece Pete Davidson, not just Kim Kardashian. Recent gossip suggests that Kardashian may be moving to Australia along with Davidson in order to film his new movie. Wizards!. It really seems like Kardashian is extremely supportive of Davidson’s career, and she isn’t trying to control him.

More Pete Davidson Rumors from The Rag

This wouldn’t be the first time that the National Enquirer A story about Pete Davidson was not accurate. The outlet claimed that Davidson had broken an unspoken agreement late last year. “no dating the hosts” rule at SNL.The magazine then claimed that Kardashian was angry at Miley Cyrus because she worked with Davidson. Plus, the magazine claimed Kardashian stole Davidson from a star actress. The Get in touch Pete Davidson is far from reliable.

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