Pete Davidson’s Skipping ‘SNL’Kim Kardashian is available to hang out with you


From now Pete Davison Kim KardashianSince the time that they began dating, rumors circulated from tabloids and other media. The truth is that most of the rumors, if they are true, have been false. According to the latest rumor, Davidson is stealing his job. Saturday Night LiveKardashian to hang out in Los Angeles Now, NBC has replied to the claims. 

Keeping up With Pete Davidson

Neither Pete Davidson nor Kim Kardashian are strangers to wild gossip in the media, and it was inevitable that when they first hooked up, the pages of the supermarket tabloids and rumor-mongering websites would explode — and explode they have. We’ve written about a lot of the most shocking gossip. We discussed why Davidson missed the December 21st episode, which was sadly canceled. SNLIt was also marred by positive COVID cases from crew and cast. Davidson didn’t test positive, but he took advantage of the night off to go on a date with Kardashian. 

We are most interested in the latest rumor that Davidson is currently in LA and has been missing work in New York. The Blast published a report claiming that Davidson was in fact dead. “starting to annoy several of his colleagues, with his focus not being on the success of the weekly show.”Unnamed sources claimed that he was being a “diva”And that “the cast is starting to turn on him.”

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time this kind of rumor has plagued Davidson. It all started in April 2021. OK!The claim was made King of Staten IslandStar was “arrogant and cocky” “behind the scenes, everyone just rolls their eyes at him.”The same magazine claimed almost the exact same thing a year back, claiming his fellow SNLCast members urged Davidson not to continue the iconic show. These rumors turned out to be false, and we now have the latest. 

NBC Returned the Favor 

Normally, we wouldn’t expect these types of rumors to even be addressed by anyone truly in the know, but in this case, Pete Davidson’s employers have made it pretty clear that the story from The Blast was bogus. The network’s spokesperson stated that the comedian hadn’t missed work even though he was in vacation with Kardashian in Bahamas last week. The rep for the network added that Davidson was on last week’s show as well. 

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