Pete Davidson’s Venus and Mars Signs – So Much to Learn About His Love Life


Romance rumors between Kim KardashianAnd Pete DavidsonSources close to reality star said that the allegations were confirmed and that some were shocked. Saturday Night Live star’s ability to attract beautiful, wildly successful, and famous ladies. After taking a look at Davidson’s natal chart, however, we think we know exactly why he continues to attract A-list women, and also have an inkling into why these relationships tend to fizzle out so quickly. 

Pete Davidson’s Love Luck Explained

Pete Davidson has dated more famous women than just a handful. These illustrious women include Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale as well as Margaret Qualley. Kim Kardashian is now able to add her name on the VIP List.

Twitter Couldn’t Believe New Kim Kardashian Relationship

Twitter was in absolute shock from the fact that Davidson scored a date with Kardashian, and the fact that she’s the seventh high-profile romance he’s had in just the last three years. 

There’s always so much surprise when it’s revealed that Davidson is dating yet another hot, up-and-coming model or actress, engaged to the world’s top pop star, or sitting courtside beside the star of the Underworld franchise at an NBA game. One look at his natal chart, particularly at his Mars and Venus signs, however, and we’ve got a good idea of what it is about the SNL star that keeps the ladies flocking to him. 

Astro Charts lists Pete Davidson as a Scorpio Sun and Capricorn Moon. He also has a Venus, Scorpio, and a Mars, Sagittarius. These four signs paint a very clear picture of just what it is about Davidson that’s so magnetic to women, and why these relationships have a tendency to end before they’ve barely even begun. 

When it comes to astrology, most people know their Sun sign, but that only tells just one part of an individual’s story. You need to know the exact date and place you were born in order to fully understand your astrological chart. 

Scorpio Suns, for example, are known for being secretive, intense, manipulative, manipulative and controlling. That doesn’t necessarily describe Davidson very well. Knowing that his Moon is in Capricorn, though, and now we see how Davidson’s intensity and ambition came together for him to achieve his career highs. His Scorpio intensity and secretiveness are softened by the Moon in Capricorn, which makes him more approachable and charming. 

Davidson’s Venus Sign

Your Venus sign tells you what you value and how you approach relationships and romance. Your Venus sign shows you how you express love and affection, as well as where you find joy and beauty in your life. Davidson’s Venus in Scorpio indicates that he is likely to be an obsessive lover and want to find out everything possible about his new romance. 

Venus in Scorpios have a natural, sexual magnetism, which Davidson’s exes can no doubt attest to. By the time these natives make a move on their romantic target, they’ve already made up their minds that this is something serious they want to pursue. These natives are prone to hiding their true selves to maintain control over a relationship. 

Venus in Scorpio men have a tendency to be attracted by women who aren’t controlled or possessed. They also like women with strong personalities and animal magnetism. That definitely sounds like something the women in Davidson’s past have in common. 

Davidson’s Mars Sign

The Mars sign is associated with ambition, energy and passion. It also includes sex drive. Davidson’s Mars sign resides in carefree philosopher Sagittarius. These natives are positive, spiritual, and avid travellers. These traits can easily translate into an active nature and a constant-on-the move mentality. 

These natives have a problem: they make the same mistakes over and over again, never learning from them. They view romance almost as a hunt. However, they are prone to become bored with their prey over time and abandon it in favor of a new hunt. 

What Could This Mean For Kardashian, Davidson’s New Fling?

Although the romance between Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian has just begun to get legs, who knows what the future holds. After all, astrology doesn’t tell the future. It provides insight into our personalities and lives. Both fate and destiny are within our control.

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