Pete Doherty received help from EastEnders June Brown in his Thai rehab


June Brown, EastEnders actress, was Pete Doherty’s unlikely saviour during his worst days.

June, who played Dot Cotton on the soap’s long-running soap, tried to help him after he was reported to have been in rehab for addiction.

The BBC gave the chance to the famous singer, who was known for running from rehab and relapsing.

Brown was the founder of a charity that helped people suffering from addiction to get treatment at a Thai monastery.

Thamkrabok was the name of the place. According to some reports, it had the highest success rate in the world. June therefore offered their services.

The actress was eager to help him out
He needed help from the actress.

She stated: “Anyone can go. We will pay your fare, all you need to do is commit to the treatment. I’m a huge Libertines fan, it would be a marvellous place for Pete to kick his addiction.”

Pete signed up and flew out for the stay, but it lasted only a few days before his departure for Bangkok.

He said that he went out again in 2014 and it was more successful than he had claimed.

The singer's attempts at rehab were unsuccessful
The singer tried to get help but was unsuccessful

The rockstar has relapsed, “within ten minutes” of arriving home to Margate from the monastery.

June’s sympathy towards addiction began in 1998 when her godson was dropped from his record label.

The musician, named Tim Arnold, also split from his girlfriend and was kicked out of his house within the same week.

June's kindness gave Pete a step in the right direction
Pete was able to take a step forward thanks to June’s kindness

To cope with the stress, he turned to drugs. The Jocasta singer has spoken about his drug of choice before: “Crack’s one of those drugs that, unlike the music business, is completely reliable. You ask it to do something for you and it does it.”

June, his friends, and his family helped him to take a trip down to Thamkrabok. Within three weeks, he was recording his new album.

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