Peter Crouch believed that he “was dead”A horse nearly threw him off a Mexican cliff


Peter Crouch was almost killed by a horse that nearly threw him. “off a cliff”During a vacation in Mexico.

The former Liverpool and Tottenham ace’s horse riding activities did not get off to the best of starts, as he also admitted that he looked like he was on a “donkey at Blackpool beach”He was much more experienced than his older half Abbey Clancy. Nevertheless, everybody’s favourite target-man and the 2013 Strictly Come Dancing winner thought they would enjoy a wonderful evening off observing the very best views Mexico had to offer from horse-back.

Unfortunately, this not only came close to being Crouch’s last ever holiday, it almost proved to be his final day on earth as his “spooked”Horse suddenly sped towards cliff. And it could have ended in disaster, were it not for the skills and strengths of a lasso wielding hero who was able to stop Crouch’s not so noble steed.

Initially, the only problem to a romantic evening horseback riding seemed to be Crouch’s 6ft 7in frame atop a horse. “I looked like I was on a donkey at Blackpool beach, while Abbey looked like she was ready to go horse riding,”Crouch claimed toPeter Crouch PodcastJanuary 2020

“We rode on the beach and then we went to the top of a mountain. What’s happened at this precise moment, is that Abbey was with the person who was guiding us and he was teaching her some dressage moves.

“As she was doing them, it spooked my horse and, I’m not joking, I have pinged off down this mountain. I’ve got to the cliff face and I was thinking ‘I am off here, I am going’.

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Crouch was almost sent hurtling of a cliff by his horse
Crouch nearly fell from a cliff after his horse almost sent him flying.

Considering the fact Crouch’s horse was heading towards the edge of a mountain at full speed, it could be fair to say the former England international was now considerably more spooked than the horse. Crouch was brought from the bench to rescue matches at Liverpool, Spurs and Portsmouth. The former striker was desperate for a hero who could save him. Fortunately, he had a lasso-wielding hero.

“As we were going, there was this fella who had a lasso, and he managed to lasso the horse and pull it back, literally just before we went off the cliff,”Crouch spoke in a tone that suggested he might not have fully recovered from the trauma. “Once he reined me in, I was literally in tears, because I thought I was dead.

“I thought the horse was going to throw me off a cliff – I haven’t been on a horse since.”

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